About HTR Global

Targeting and recruiting high performance talent around the globe

HTR is a global executive search firm dedicated to your key talent recruitment needs. HTR is known worldwide for its tenacity in delivering the highest level of service, state of the art research and sourcing capabilities, top-notch candidates, process excellence and best practice in an accelerated manner.


Highly responsive to our clients, we pride ourselves on having a quick learning curve and reducing the time invested by the client to a minimum!


Our clients partner with us to recruit the most strategic positions in their organization that cannot be filled through traditional recruiting venues.


HTR was founded back in 1994 in Palo Alto, California – at the heart of the Silicon Valley. Since its inception, HTR has continually been recognized by the industry as a leading and innovative executive search firm – gaining an outstanding track record in delivering and executing executive search and recruiting assignments virtually in any region on the globe. Our passion about what we do and the tremendous level of dedication we apply to every task is what sets us apart. HTR outstanding inter-disciplinary team of professionals coupled with our proven search methodology, enable us to meet the needs of the most demanding clients worldwide. We enjoy new challenges and have a proven record of providing exceptional candidates for even the most ambitious job descriptions.


As a high level boutique operation, we get to know you and your company in a thorough manner. We make it our business to understand the most intricate details regarding the position you need to fill, so that we can deliver the perfect candidate every time. Your vision and aspirations for the individual that will fill the position are key elements we take into account before approaching potential candidates.


Our niche is high to mid level management positions (CEO/GM, CFO, VP and Director level) and key “individual contributors” in established markets as well as emerging markets that cannot be filled through traditional recruiting venues. The sophisticated methodology we apply combined with our international contact and references base gained in our 19 years of operations, allows us to penetrate local networks in a manner that large corporations cannot match. We pride ourselves on being extremely discreet and constantly putting the interests of our clients and prospect candidates above and beyond any other consideration at every stage of the process.


We like challenges and have a record for providing exceptional candidates for even the most ambitious job descriptions.

We build global winning teams!


About The Founder and the CEO


Kobi Dinar: Founder & CEO

KobiKobi founded HTR in 1994 in Silicon Valley.

Kobi enjoys a reputation in the industry as a visionary entrepreneur and global expert in recruiting & search strategies, involving the implementation of highly creative HR added value services.


In addition to founding HTR, Kobi founded Jobinfo in 1999 – Israel’s leading and largest E-Recruiting and staffing company with over 1,700 leading client companies, and served as its active Chairman till it was acquired in Q4 2005 by the Eliezer Fishman Group.


Kobi provided the leadership in the first few years of the company and was responsible for creating and forming the vision, mission, strategy and unique “clicks & mortar” operational model of the company enabling the company to reach very high net profit margins (the first company in the e-recruiting market to come up with an integration of web services and off-line services). Kobi is also the Founder of Sunday – a solar energy company.


Prior to founding HTR, Kobi worked in the Israeli General Consulate in San Francisco as the head of the department of returning Israelis in the North-Pacific. Kobi holds an M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from PGSP (in affiliation with Stanford University), and conducted his B.A. studies at the Psychology and Honors Departments in Haifa University.