Exclusive top-tier executive talent search services for globally active companies

searchingIn our mission is to be recognized as the leading global executive search firm, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards of professionalism and integrity at all times so as to maximize the benefits for our clients. HTR is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service, process excellence and best practice in an accelerated manner. We deploy multiple strategies in the search process, from “traditional” sourcing and the most advanced research methodologies to social and professional networking platforms and proprietary back office IT platforms.


HTR has built a state of the art consultative executive search practice by leveraging an innovative approach, 19 years of international expertise as a leading executive search firm and a global network of “gurus” in virtually any industry that provide references to the top notch global executive talent. We identify and recruit senior and middle management on a global scale for some of the most exciting companies in the market.


At HTR we gained experience in virtually any market domain, most of the clients companies we serve are in the following domains:

• Cloud & IT

• Telecommunications

• Web and social networking

• Life sciences (biotech, pharma, medical devices)

• Financial Services




In most of our assignments the ideal candidates to fill our clients’ openings are typically not active job seekers. Years of experience has taught us how to approach these sought after prospects and bring them to the point where they are willing to consider an offer, through a never-ending process of building and maintaining a high level of trust.


At HTR, we view our client companies as partners in the search and recruiting process. We begin by reviewing our client’s business model and portfolio needs. Working closely with you, we learn your strategic vision and identify the key positions needed to reach your goals. Then, we outline the skills required to be successful in the position, define and describe the role and search for the executive talent. We get to know your company and your business environment to ensure locating the correct match. We make ourselves available for reference checking, offer negotiation advice and follow through during the entire recruiting process.


We are living in one of the most dynamic periods ever and time has become the greatest commodity. We are committed to deliver and execute our assignments in the fastest time professionally possible, and are known for only presenting our clients with “best & final” highly qualified candidates, enabling our clients to allocate their time resources to their core and most strategic business processes.


HTR’s added value services in a typical executive search process:


Analyzing the needs of the company and defining the objectives and specifications of the job description


Working in partnership with the client company, HTR ensures its understanding of the client’s business and culture. We analyze the company’s needs to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships and define the required experience. Partnering with our client, we identify the characteristics necessary for the successful candidate. Following obtaining the client’s consensus on the position’s scope and responsibilities, the compensation package, the reporting relationships and the profile of the executive, we draft the job description. This specification guides the search process. Together with our client company, we prepare an information package and a profile of the client company to present to potential candidates.


Targeting, identifying and contacting qualified candidates


Following the formulation of the job description and search criteria, the research team targets and pinpoints the relevant sources and prospective candidates by leveraging active search/sourcing, our network in the industry and propriety databases. Before contacting prospective candidates, HTR confirms with the client company that there is no potential conflict of interest in approaching candidates from a certain company (such as candidates from a direct client of the client company). The prospective candidates are contacted by the Project Manager, managing the client company’s account. HTR screens and evaluates the initial pool of prospective candidates and only presents the client with the “best and final” candidates accompanied with background profiles for each of them. The Project Manager reviews and discusses the profiles and resumes of these candidates before moving to the next phase. When necessary and upon the client’s feedback to the referred candidates, the Project Manager conducts fine tuning of the search criteria and targets, and then contacts and refers additional candidates.


Facilitation of client – candidate interviewing and reference checking


HTR facilitates the communication and interaction between the candidates and the company. We schedule mutually convenient meetings between the client companies and the candidates. Following each client-candidate interaction, HTR’s Project Manager contacts both the candidate and the client company for feedback. Following the client’s selection of the final candidate/s, HTR may conduct reference checking and provides the client with additional information gathered regarding areas of relative strengths and weaknesses of the prospective candidates.


Assisting in structuring and negotiating the compensation package, and integrating the candidate in the company


HTR has accumulated years of experience and a body of knowledge in the process of negotiating compensation packages that meet the objectives of both the client-company and the candidate. Upon the client’s request, HTR may assist in the process and serve as a mediator between the candidate and company and advise the parties in tailoring a mutually beneficial package of salary and bonuses as well as stock option/restricted stock plans when applicable . Upon the commencement of employment by the candidate, HTR may assist in the integration of the new manager and makes itself available for follow-up and feedback.